Adults and Relationships

“I can honestly say that the counselling I have had over the past few weeks has changed my life. The tools and techniques given to me by Kathryn, whilst often quite simple, have had such an impact, on not just me, but my partner, children and friends. I am far more confident, resilient and content. Thank you so much for everything.” – Jenny

“Ranjana has been instrumental in supporting our growth and developing our communication skills with one another. We are very grateful and have already recommended the service to our friends! Thank you for everything.” – Bob & Claire

Sex Therapy

“My Councillor Ruth has definitely helped me with my self-confidence + self esteem in terms of my sex-life. Her non-medical techniques have certainly helped and improved my time in the bedroom, and also allowed me to grow closer to my wife intimately. The sessions have also made me feel a lot better about my body in relation with body image issues.” – Robert

“Lisa is a credit to her vocation, she is single handedly the only person to put me on the right track to where I need to be. She was very insightful and has a good understanding.” – Clara


“You popped in my head on many occasions and I truly believe our meetings and your words over the past and now have helped me through, especially you being able to relate to my situation (because there’s not many who could, unless you’d been through something similar) it’s helped me to know what I’d decided was the best thing for me and that is all that matters. This is the last thing I needed to do to put an end to it all and get on with living. Hope you have a fab Christmas and the New Year brings you lots of happiness and luck. Thank you for everything. Take care.” – Georgina

Children and Young People

“My child felt safe and comfortable here and always looked forward to her session my child really liked her counsellor and I felt like this was really important for my child to feel comfortable.”

“The sessions have really helped me, and I’m now a lot happier thanks to you, you have made my life much better…….I don’t want to think about what my life would be like if I hadn’t had these sessions” -14 year old boy

“Well live chat has helped me a lot when I first started this I was always tense, nervous all the time and didn’t feel that anybody understood me but now over the last year I have learnt how to control what I do for e.g yoga to relax and other ways of things. Also it has helped me loads with my personal feelings and now I feel much more confident to then. I will miss these sessions but I feel that I am ready to leave these sessions and if anything happens I know what to do……thank you, you have helped me loads to understand myself etc”– 15 years old girl

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